ADAMA is a global agricultural crop protection company with a brand promise to “Listen>Learn>Deliver”. While they have strong awareness and affinity in many markets around the world, they were relatively new in the U.S. market and up against some much larger competitors. ENPOINTE partnered with ADAMA to develop a fresh and engaging visual approach that broke industry conventions, which was applied across all print and digital touchpoints.


AdFed Bronze Pin Radio Advertising (Crows radio spot)

AdFed Bronze Pin Print Ad Design (“Healthy Rotation” Soybean ad)

ADAMA asked ENPOINTE to develop a series of crop campaigns to grow awareness by taking a completely different visual approach. While the rest of the ag industry looks alike (ads tend to feature similar images of farmers, rows of crops, rolling hills and a sunny day), ADAMA wanted growers to stop, take note of the ADAMA name, be curious and begin asking about and researching ADAMA.

Not The Usual Ag Industry Ads

A new ADAMA brand promise was rolled out in 2020 globally. All external marketing efforts have evolved to support the Listen>Learn>Deliver point of difference for the company.

Reaching and Engaging Farmers

ENPOINTE developed a media campaign aimed at improving brand awareness with a strong visual approach that was distinct and memorable.

Brand Awareness Campaign

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