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ENPOINTE’s reputation for delivering high-quality print projects has been earned over the course of over 30 years of printing excellence. We specialize in unique bindings, creative techniques and premium quality products and act as an extension of your team to make your creative vision a reality.

This custom book includes multiple precise finishing techniques, most notable is the photo edging with gilding overlay. A very detailed edging process with a precise line up of pages. Even in the nesting and Smyth Sew process, quality steps were taken to test the pagination alignment. A technique that is rarely done in a nested Smyth Sewn book. However possible and achieved through the ENPOINTE Team.

Mercedes-Benz Rigsby Hull Book

This piece is used to show the variety of Airbnb hosts and how they open their beautiful homes to guests. It is considered a handbook to truly showcase the specialty of homes and to honor the space we all call home. Airbnb’s mission, along with hosts, is to create comfortable stays for all their guests.

Airbnb Hospitality Handbook

Founded in 1996, the Hugo Boss Prize is a biennial award administered by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum that honors significant achievement in contemporary art. Simone Leigh is the recipient of the Hugo Boss Prize 2018 and a solo exhibition of her work was presented at the Guggenheim in the spring of 2019. Leigh was selected from a list of finalists by a jury of international curators and critics chaired by Nancy Spector, Artistic Director, and Jennifer and David Stockman Chief Curators, of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation.

Hugo Boss Prize Contestants

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