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HP, Inc. manufactures high-end commercial printing presses, which means their printed marketing materials are going to industry experts with exacting standards. Additionally, every printed piece is not only an opportunity to share HP, Inc.’s key messaging, but also an opportunity to demonstrate what their presses can do and what they can do for their customer’s customer. ENPOINTE has partnered with HP, Inc. to create unique and engaging print pieces that wow even the toughest of critics.

This large format, dimensional, variable direct mail piece was sent to trade show attendees ahead of the show with a call-to-action to book an appointment. Not only was it a memorable piece for recipients, it helped the sales team fill all available appointment openings.

Pre-Show Mailer

HP, Inc. partnered with ENPOINTE to design and produce a set of printed samples that represented typical applications that could run on their newest high-speed inkjet press. The highly designed samples represented fictional brands that ranged from car company brochures to DIY posters, insurance and realtor direct mail pieces, to travel magazines. Each set was designed to leverage the segmentation and personalization capabilities of the digital press.

Sales Toolkit

HP, Inc. wanted to showcase the production flexibility of their HP PageWide T240 and T250 presses. ENPOINTE created a series of samples based on real-world needs of an elite travel agency. The ability to personalize content across translational letters or direct mail pieces and travelogues featuring stunning imagery demonstrated the incredible detail capabilities of the high-speed inkjet presses. An 18-month calendar was also included which featured photos from the locales the elite travel agency had properties in.

Impactful Sample Design

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